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It is indeed gratifying to know that Vande Mataram Youth Front has taken up a very useful and Patriotic programme of awakening the Nationalistic Spirit in the youth of our country. There is no dearth of talent or spirit in the youth. However it needs to be channelled in the proper direction. If one looks at, or peeps into the freedom struggle of our country, the role played by youth, under the directions and guidance of great Nationalistic leaders is enormous. Further, our country has a great heritage of the accomplishment of Sages and spiritual personalities that covers energy aspect of human activity. Even at a time when the world recorded phenomenal growth in modern science, the so called advanced nations are also looking towards India, for guidance in the Matter of Sustained and healthy advancement of humanity. It is in this context, that the mission undertaken by the Front, would go a long way in building the Nation and Society on healthy and respectable lines. The Organization deserves to be encouraged in all respects.
Narsimha Reddy Justice L. Narasimha Reddy
High Court of Andhra Pradesh

I am delighted to know and study the activities of Vande Mataram Youth Front (VMYF). The organisation is inspired by the great spiritual, philosophical, scientific and technological heritage of Bharat. It is endeavouring to instil in the youth the ideas of excellence in education and knowledge, patriotism and moral conduct. 2. By placing before the youth the great ideas and exhortations of sages and savants like Valmiki and Vyasa, Vivekananda and Aurobindo, Shivaji and Lokamanya Tilak, it is leading the youth to develop self -confidence, self- respect and self -improvement to build a prosperous, powerful, intellectual and ethical Bharat to be a Jagadguru once again. 3. Its programmes in various colleges and outside are promoting and stimulating inquisitiveness, excellence and communication abilities; broadening their horizons and raising their aspirations. 4. I wish that the Front's activities will inspire the youth to proudly saying Sarae jaha se achcha Bharat hamara5. With best wishes for success in your great mission of inspiring the youth of Bharat to noble thoughts and deeds.
Hanuman Chowdary Dr T.Hanuman Chowdary
Tata Consultancy Services & Ex. IT advisor to Govt of AP

VMYF for has been a source of gaining huge treasure of knowledge about our country. It has made me realize that India becoming a superpower is not an impossible dream. VMYF has also been guiding me in my personal growth, career and life.
Software Engineer, Deloitte

VMYF has made me feel proud and concerned about this great nation. Group of Like Minded Youth coming together is a constant motivating factor for improving oneself and work for the betterment of the nation.
Software Engineer, Infosys

Being a member of VMYF, I gained confidence & motivation and as a result I am presently working in Infosys. Working for nation and managing personal life is need of the hour and it has been possible for me . . . So let’s start working together for it.
Software Engineer, Infosys

VMYF remarkably influenced me to perceive my life from a different plane. The treasure of Aarsha knowledge I gained here has exposed me to the greatness of our motherland and its contributions in the fields of science & tech from times immemorial. This has been a right platform where I am able to contribute my part for my motherland.
Software Engineer, Accenture

Working with like minded people inspired me in every moment of serving motherland. I came to know the purpose of life.
Software Engineer, Accenture

I have been an active member of VMYF since 1 year and I am impressed with the training and activities. It is brining a positive and paradigm shift in my life. By being part of the patriotic and service activities, I am able to experience confidence, leadership and teamwork.

I am grateful to VMYF. After realizing my inner potential I have successfully over come my addictions (alcohol & smoking). All my aspirations to serve motherland are being fulfilled at VMYF..
Research Coordinator, I-Serve


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