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Vande Prakruti Mataram

A Green Initiative

Belonging to the Nation which worships the nature as the embodiment of Mother Goddess from the times immemorial, we take this Green initiative in order to redeem the pledge of our glorious ancestors to ever protect our sacred mother Earth who is the basis of our very existence. With this Vande Prakruti Mataram green initiative we seek to positively influence the environment through both education and activism. As a part of this initiative we have started an awareness and assistance program on rain water harvesting and tree plantation.We seek to network with and synergize our efforts with those of other green initiative Organisations and NGOs to be able to deliver substantially on all green related issues for addressing the overall spectrum of environment protection needs.

What, O earth, I dig out of thee, quickly shall that grow again: may I not,O pure one, pierce thy vital spot, (and) not thy heart!

-Atharvana Veda

Vruksho Rakshiti Rakshitaha


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