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Grantham Saranam Gachami

Book Reading & Library

For Human Beings there can be very few sources of life enrichment as books. The books are regarded in our country as the form of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning.

From the times immemorial our ancestors have known the importance of books and this is proved by the simple fact that our whole civilization is based upon the Vedas, the oldest known Texts in the whole History of Mankind.Hence book reading (Swa-Adyaya) was made into one of the daily compulsory rituals by our ancestors who knew the Life Enriching and Success Ensuring capacity of books.

Taking a leaf out of their life-style, VMYF has started the book-reading and Library activities so that present day generation of Youths does not miss out on the Basic Essentials of Life which catapulted our ancestors to Glory and Success.

VMYF maintains a decent collection of Books which include Biographies, Historical Records, Narrations, Self-Help books, Self-Improvement books, Spiritual books, books of Social importance, etc.


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